Porn sites vs. webcamming

Pornography has been around for thousands of years thanks to the insatiable human interest in the carnal. Suggestive materials circulate in defiance of any religious or legal restrictions, as they cater to our unbeatable primal instincts. With the advent of the internet, smut has gone online, with countless porn collections now available at the click of a mouse. However, since internet-connected cameras first appeared, real-life girls have been turning live tricks online. Today, with enhanced bandwidth, webcamming is a fully fledged rival of conventional porn. But what are the differences between the formats?

  1. Interaction

The key benefit of webcamming. On live cam sites, you are able to chat with models or couples while seeing them in real time. THe communication could involve sex, or could just be friendly. You have to pay for this time with the website’s own currency – usually tokens, and you get charged per minute. Some sources will even offer to have your own special fantasy fulfilled by a cam girl you like.

Porn content, on the other hand, is only designed for passive viewing. These are movies filmed offline and later uploaded on the web. Even the so-called immersive VR porn, despite the life-like experience, still does not allow any genuine interaction with the actor. Porn sites only contain videos that are ready for streaming or downloading, but nothing is customizable. 

  1. Profitability

Cam sites attract enormous amounts of traffic. One of the most popular platforms,, has close to 28 million visitors per month, according to the measurements on And those users are willing to pay for the fun. 

Webcam models may earn a decent living just by showing off their skills online. Besides, this can be done from the comfort of their homes and it requires no professional filming crew. The model’s expenses, therefore, could only include toys, clothes, the internet and the share of profit going to the website. Successful models can receive $500-$1,000 a day.

Porn is still insanely profitable, but the actual production of content (even amateur) needs time and money. Filming of a porn scene requires a crew that prepares the location, takes still photos and shoots the scenes from several angles. 

  1. Production time

In porn, filming may not commence before all the actors have taken their STD tests and the results have not been received. Additional time is spent editing the material afterwards. Hence, although most web sites upload new videos daily, there is a significant amount of work put into its production, especially in the case of biggest studios like Naughty America.

A webcam model can start her broadcast right away, as it is a real-time performance. Thus, it is obvious why girls with internet-connected cameras are all the rage. Unlike porn, this business brings immense profits and requires little expense.

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